Old City style platter of salads and house bagel - Vegan
Super spicy beef cigar and green tahini
Avi's humous with chickpeas, olive oil and pita - Vegan
Avi's humous with fried hot peppers and pita - Vegan
Market vegetable salad - Vegan
Roasted pepper salad, garlic confit with Moroccan oil and vegetables - Vegan
Salad of lettuce, peppers, and toasted almonds in vinaigrette - Vegan
Summer salad – Grape tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, chickpeas and mint in vinaigrette - Vegan​


Algerian Maakoud – leek and potato pie - Vegetarian

Choufleur – fried cauliflower in tahini and homemade harissa - Vegetarian

Skillet of tomatos, garlic, eggplant and potatos​


Spicy salmon chreimeh
Hamotzi's mixed grill – spring chicken, short ribs, spleen, and veal sweetbreads
Boulettes – Crispy Algerian meatballs with cabbage and steamed onion
Fresh chicken breast salad with antipasti
Fresh chicken breast in homemade harissa with bonfire potatoes
Entrecote moufleta with caramelized onion
Grilled spring chicken and roasted peppers in Moroccan oil
Tffiya Araias – pita stuffed with lamb and lemon confit
Spring chicken in lamb fat, burgul, tahini and sumac
Kebab in pickled mango (amba) and tahini, with green salad and grilled potatoes
Stone-oven roasted baby lamb kebab siniya with potatoes in piquant sauce
Grilled fresh fish fillet in "Friday night sauce"
Grilled fresh salmon with couscous and onions whit raisins

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with piquant baby lamb​

Main Courses​​

Warka – cigar leaves with vanilla coconut cream and ice cream
Pistachio and zabane cigar
Yo Yo –Algerian cookies filled with almonds coated in coconut 
Moufleta in almond cream and honey​


Cigar filled with veal sweetbreads and beef ribs

 Fish in chermoula – fried fish fillet in Algerian piquant sauce

 Fish patties in spicy tomato, garlic and cilantro sauce

Humous and shwarma – homemade humous and spring

Chicken pastille with almonds and saffron​